Returns Policy

Updated on 03/29/2024

Quality Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the products you received, get in touch within 14 days of receiving the item and we’ll do everything we can to investigate and find a solution.

If our quality assurance team validates your claim, we will be happy to send a complimentary replacement order as quickly as possible. 

Color consistency

We use the same print machines, paper types, and work processes as our print partners to minimize color variations. Having said that, printing is a chemical process and 100% consistency cannot be achieved. Multiple factors influence the color, consistency, and final result: machine type, machine settings, paper types, humidity in the room, and when the machine was last cleaned, just to mention a few examples. Color variations that may occur due to the above-mentioned reasons lie within acceptable tolerance levels and are not covered under our quality guarantee.

Defective or damaged products

If you receive defective or damaged orders, such as damage to the delivered products, errors in the number or quantity of the delivered products, or lack of quality of the delivered product not caused by lack of quality of the content you provided. Please report a problem on the order details page or by email ( within 14 days of receiving the item, so we can evaluate a possible shipment of the same order, with a new product.

  • Be sure to include:
      • A description of the problem and details about how the order was packaged.
      • Pictures of the damaged order item(s) and its packaging (outside of the packaging and its inserts).
        • The pictures are very important for our team for internal reporting. We will also ask you 'Is the package also damaged?' along with requesting photo evidence, as when an order arrives damaged, we trigger an internal investigation with our print and logistics partners to ensure that this doesn't occur again and that any improvements are applied as soon as possible. We highly appreciate your input in answering all the questions and providing us with all the valuable pictures.
      • If your order contains more than one item, please let us know if you will require a reprint for all items.
    • Alternatively, you can also get in touch with our support team with the above information.

    Lost Orders Policy

    For packages lost in transit, please get in touch with us by email ( within 14 days from the estimated delivery date. We'll be happy to send a replacement order on your behalf. 

    Returned to Sender Policy

    For these cases, please place a new order and get in touch with us by email (, so that we can report the problem and arrange for the product price to be refunded for the new order. This way, you will only pay again for the shipping of the order. 

    Wrong Address 

    If you provide an address considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned and disposed of safely. Should you want to submit a new order with an updated address, you will be liable for the costs of the new order. 


    If you are not able to receive the order at the address, the shipments may be available for pick up at their local post office or carrier pick up point. Shipments that go unclaimed may be returned to the sender. For these cases, please place a new order and get in touch with us so that we can report the problem and arrange for the product price to be refunded for the new order (you will still have to pay for the shipping costs).

    Order Cancellations and Refunds

    What is the difference between refund and payment cancellation?

    Refunds and payment cancellations are distinct processes in the realm of financial transactions. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial for a clear comprehension of how these actions affect your account.

    Refund: A refund is a transaction initiated after the payment has been successfully processed. It occurs when a customer, for various reasons, requests a return of funds for a completed purchase. Once the refund is processed, the money is returned to the customer's account, effectively reversing the original transaction. In your account transaction history, a refund will appear as a separate entry, indicating the return of funds and providing transparency about the reversal of the purchase.

    Payment Cancellation: On the other hand, payment cancellation refers to the annulment of a transaction before it is finalized. It is akin to pressing an "undo" button for a purchase, preventing the payment from being fully processed. When a transaction is canceled, it is as if the payment never took place. Consequently, there will be no record of the transaction in your account history, as the entire process is nullified.

    In essence, a refund addresses completed transactions and involves the return of funds after a purchase has been finalized. Payment cancellation, however, prevents a transaction from reaching completion, erasing any trace of the intended payment from your account history.

    Both processes aim to ensure financial accuracy and provide customers with control over their transactions.

    How do I cancel an order via the rochag Dashboard?

    In general, we recommend double-checking all the details before processing to check out. If, however, you found a mistake in the order or address, or need to cancel the order due to other reasons, it is possible only if the order hasn't been send orders to production.

    It is not possible to provide safe and secure time frames during which you will have the option to change your order after it is placed, as for each order, the amount of time before the print production will start is individual and depends on multiple factors. Consequently, the Cancel button may not be visible on the order page for several hours or just minutes after an order is placed.

      • First, go to your account, click in Orders, and find the order you wish to cancel.
      • Then click on the order to open the detail page and select the Cancel button.
  • You can cancel orders only before rochag´s send orders to production. 
    • After you send an order to production, you cannot edit any details or cancel it.
    • If you cancel your order, the refund will be credited to your credit card.