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All US state capitals + DC;

Elegant Coloring Book;

Just relax coloring!

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More Than A Coloring Book, a Decoration Item

Developed by Architect Gabriela Rocha. This coloring book was designed with the idea of being an elegant coloring book to display in the living room.

"Unleash your creativity to infuse these landmarks and streets with your personal touch, turning them into vibrant works of art." 

- Arch. Gabriela Rocha.

Therapeutic Advantages:

Explore the therapy of coloring as you immerse yourself in captivating urban patterns. Let the stress of everyday life melt away as your imagination comes to life in vibrant colors.

Focus and Mindfulness;

Therapeutic Activity;

Stress Reduction;

Creation and Expression.

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A Coloring Book for Those Who Love Cities

Educational Book;

Activity for Every Free Spirit.

This book is more than just fun; it's an opportunity to learn about geography, architecture, and history as you color.

No matter your age, this book is for you! With varying difficulty levels, everyone can find challenges and joy on every page.

Try Different Coloring Techniques

From colored pencils to makers, the possibilities are endless! Discover new techniques and watch cities come to life in surprising ways.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (267+ Reviews)


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Inner pages: 170 gsm / 65 lb;

Premium Quality Paper: Our pages are built to last;

Size: 20cmX20cm / 8X8”;


104 Pages.


Black Background for More Fun, Less Mess: Each coloring page is protected by a black background, providing better protection against ink leakage between pages so you can fully concentrate on your masterpiece.



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